It’s May 8! It’s Victory In Europe Day! On this day 72 years ago, World War II ended in the Western Hemisphere. V-J Day (Victory Over Japan) and the ultimate conclusion of the war would come a few months later, but May 8 was (and is) still a day of celebration and thanksgiving.



General Jodl signs the Nazi surrender


General Eisenhower with the pens used to sign the official surrender





I love these photographs. Look at the joy on those faces!

And how can I mention V-E Day without including this photo? Because you may be cool, but you will never be “Easy Company Drinking Hitler’s Wine At The Eagle’s Nest on V-E Day Cool.”


The real-life officers of Easy Company (of Band of Brothers fame) at Berchtesgaden

They look like they’re enjoying themselves, don’t they? Believe me, they deserved every second of R&R they got at Berchtesgaden. In case anyone is interested, the guy sitting in the dead center is Captain Lewis Nixon; the one sitting next to him on the right is Major Dick Winters, and that little red-headed leprechaun on the far right is Lieutenant Harry Welsh. They were the inseparable Three Musketeers (Winters’ term, not mine) of Easy Company, and they are very, very important to me 🙂 🙂 🙂

I’d love to stick around and write more about V-E Day (and bless you with a few of Easy’s delightful–and often hilarious–stories from Berchtesgaden)…but I’ve gotta dash off. I have a novel to write, after all. It’s 3/4 complete and I’ve hit a bump in the road, but I’m confident I’ll be able to go back, fix the problems, and whip up the final act very soon.

So toodles for now, and in the words of the (truly) good Major…


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