I found this little comic on Tumblr this morning and, I confess, I shed tears over it. There’s nothing more terrifying or paralyzing than betrayal, especially after people you trusted have already taken a few chainsaws to your heart. You just don’t want to share any intimate part of yourself with anybody ever again…because what’s the point of being vulnerable, if you’re just going to end up crushed?

This morning I was reminded that yes, we are going to get hurt. That’s a given in this fallen world, and it’s scary.

But God has placed (and will, most likely, continue to place) faithful people with their own patched-up hearts into our lives. These precious souls can and will hold our hands through the healing process, make us laugh, let us talk out our pain, and gently lead us back into the sunshine. They share their hearts with us in ways the people who hurt us never did, or could.

And that kind of love makes you brave enough to offer up your own broken heart.

They’ll disappoint us, of course, and we’ll disappoint them, because this is a fallen world and no relationship will ever be perfect this side of Heaven. But true love is patient and kind. It isn’t self-seeking, it rejoices with the truth, and it endures all things.

True love never ends.

Let us, too, learn to love with all our patched-up hearts.

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