Enjoying: Spring! We’ve had a very mild winter. In the past that would’ve irritated me, since I normally prefer distinct seasons (not to mention a chance to wear my cozy sweaters)…but after that one weekend not too long after Christmas, when the temperature hovered around freezing during the day and we, like a bunch o’ crazies, drove into town through sleet and snow flurries to see Rogue One–that’s when I realized the cold really bothered me anyway.


It never got that cold again. We’ve enjoyed weeks on end of temperatures in the 60’s-70’s (that’s in Fahrenheit, by the way, for any non-American readers!). We’re getting into the 80’s now so I think Louisiana Summertime is creeping up on us…but it really has been lovely.

Watching: I finished watching Band of Brothers a second time a couple of Saturdays ago. It was even better the second time, especially since I had started reading the book and I knew all the characters not just by face, but by name. I love how you can weave so much wonderful character development into a 10-episode miniseries. It’s one of several reasons why I think a good historical miniseries will always be superior to a 2-hour-long movie.


In keeping with the “1940’s theme,” my mom and I are re-watching All Creatures Great and Small, and I also (finally!) caught up with both seasons of Agent Carter. Which is FANTASTIC. I want to be Peggy Carter when I grow up, haha! If I could possess a couple ounces of her tough, classy, intelligent femininity, I would be thrilled.


Observing: the never-ending, hilarious adventures of my youngest siblings. Ben (12 years old) is becoming an absolute whiz at outdoor work, fishing, and hunting; I’ve been so impressed with his accomplishments recently.

He, Lillie (10), and Joy (7) recently completed a unit study on Napoleon Bonaparte. While watching a documentary about him, they really latched on to something he said:

“I found the crown of France in the gutter, and I picked it up.”

The next day, Mom asked Joy, “What can you tell me about Napoleon?”

Joy replied promptly, “He found a crown in the ditch and he put it on his own head!!!



Happiness is a stack of books about (or written by) a man you are so proud and blessed to call your hero.

Writing: My sci-fi, Anastasia-revisisted novel is coming along beautifully. It’s not moving at breakneck speed anymore, but that’s okay (and a bit of a relief) because I pretty much know how it’s going to end, and at this point I’m almost coasting.

I’m hoping to have my first draft finished by summer…but hey, if I don’t meet that goal, that’s okay. I’m not on anybody’s schedule. I’m in no desperate rush. The Lord dropped this story into my lap only five months ago and He’s blessed its progress in ways I never would’ve imagined or expected, so I’m just following His lead with each chapter.


At this rate, though, it will be finished before long. I’m so excited!

Listening to: Vera Lynn, mostly. (Yup, I pretty much live in the 1940’s right now.) I didn’t even know she was still alive until this Monday, when all the world celebrated her 100th birthday! I’ve been so struck by the optimism of her wartime songs; they remind me of that final, hopeful scene in Mrs. Miniver, which was filmed before the United States even got involved in World War II and Allied victory far from certain.

Anticipating: New writing projects taking shape inside my head. The sparkly plot bunnies are sitting in a neat little row, wiggling their noses and their little bun-bun tails at me. I pet them and give them carrots.


Look at the sparkly little plot bunnies, conspiring against me!

Learning: The importance of stopping toxic thoughts at the door. Just because a thought comes into my head doesn’t mean I ought to let it set up shop. It’s like temptation: it’s gonna come, that’s a given–but it’s up to us to decide whether or not to reject it.


I’ve been making a real effort (by God’s grace!) to “take every thought captive,” to be more aware of what’s going on inside my head. And you know what? When I do that, when I catch those nasty/bitter/gloomy thoughts and lift up a quick prayer (“No, Lord, I’m surrendering that thought to you–help me remember to pray for that person–help me to focus on the good–help me to count my blessings–give me peace about this particular situation”)–it makes a huge difference!

I’m just really excited about life right now. The Lord really does continue to set my feet in a spacious place, and I’m looking forward to seeing what all He has in store for me!


I’ll be back this weekend with my offering for the Favorite TV Show Blogathon. See you then!

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